Monday, April 23, 2018

WE SUPPORT NRA - EPIC Coolers is looking for new vendors - We won't let you down!

“The outside is the only place we can truly be inside the world.” ― Daniel J. Rice, This Side of Wilderness 

At EPIC COOLERS We fully support the NRA & the 2nd Amendment.  We welcome any new vendors who commit their time and resources into our youth programs to teach the kids to appreciate America and enjoy our natural resources with wholesome and healthy outdoor.


We offer our outdoor gear to hunters, hikers, fishermen/anglers, bikers, campers, wildlife photographers, mountain climbers, sportsmen/women and conservationists who protect our natural resources and recreational lands.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inauguration 2017 Gifts from Epic Coolers

Friday, September 2, 2016

Heavy Duty Roto Molded Ice Chest EPIC Cooler that is easy to carry and keeps ice up to 7 days

For fishermen, hunters, campers, beach goers and any outdoor enthusiasts an ice chest has one basic function: Keep their cooler content very cold and prevent it from spoiling.
It's simply a box that holds ice.  But not every coolers has the capabilities to hold the ice for extended period of time, so the inside content stays fresh and ice won't melt in days.

Traditional ice chests, like those bought by budget-minded shoppers at big box stores, are of blow-molded design. Those chests consist of multiple pieces, and the foam insulation is blown in.

Rotomolding is a different process entirely, in which a mold is built and silica is spun in centrifugally to create a shell. The shell is then filled with insulation. Since the entire mold is one piece, it reduces opportunity for cold air to seep out and warm air to replace it. Air-tight gasket attached to the lid in addition to exceptionally thick polyurethane foam insulation allowing it to hold ice for up to 7 days.

Some of the extra large high performance coolers can get pretty heavy even for a big guy to lift or transport so EPIC Coolers found a solutions to this problem and added 2 heavy duty "roller blade-like" wheels on the side of the cooler so even a girl can lift and pull the coolers from place to place.  When the cooler is flat on its non-skid feet, the wheels are tucked inside the frame of a ice chest and elevated. They reach the ground only when the opposite side of the chest is raised 6 degrees or more.

Our Coolers have dual drain plugs, one of which  has a weeper like a radiator. Loosen it slightly, and the water will weep out. The other drain plug is 2 inches in diameter, and the cap is tethered from the inside.  The bottoms of both plug holes are flush with the floor of the chest so all water drains when they're opened. The middle of the floor is also slightly ridged to allow gravity to work its magic.

Whether it’s your weekly block party or your annual hunting trip, EPIC is  the best large cooler available on the market. Makes an ideal marine, hunting or camping cooler. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

EPIC TUMPBER - SAME as YETI with more value!!!

Why to spend BIG $$$ on Y???? GET EPIC Tumbler with 2 lids and 2 straws for half a price of Yeti Tumbler.  Shop on or in our store